Capitals of the Persian Empire
trip length: 13 days
Tehran (2) Hamadan (1) Kermanshah (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Ancient and Islamic Iran
اtrip length: 11 days
Tehran (1) Shiraz (3) Yazd (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Highlights of Ancient Iran
اtrip length: 10 days
Tehran (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Capitals of the Persian Empire
trip length: 13 days
Tehran (2) Hamadan (1) Kermanshah (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Ancient and Islamic Iran
اtrip length: 11 days
Tehran (1) Shiraz (3) Yazd (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Highlights of Ancient Iran
trip length: 10 days
Tehran (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
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West Azarbayjan Castles, Iran

Takht-e-Soleiman Castle, Takab-Iran

The aggregate of the Takht-e-Soleiman monument is placed on a natural high land, about 20 m. above the surrounding plain. All the structural relics have been constructed within an oval shaped rampart. The exterior rampart with 5 m. thickness, 14 m. height and outer circumference of 1,200 m. has 38 conical defense towers. The outer wall is a remnant from the Sassanian period. During the Ilkhanan reign, a new gateway had been constructed adjoined with the former southern gateway. Within the oval rampart there are two square plots, with uniaxis and different centers. In the centers of the southern square there is a lake and the northern square an ancient fire-temple respectively. Eivan-e-Khosrow is placed to the north western direction of the lake and to its southern side is Eivan-e-Garabaq-e-Khosrow. Takht-e-Soleiman was destroyed during the Roman conquest in 624 AD. In archeological surveys around the area of the fire-temple a variety of coins, tiles and a huge copper cooking vessel (a remnant of the Islamic period), have been discovered. The Soleiman prison which consists of the remnants of a pre-historic and the Medes temple is included in this aggregate. Sites such as dormant volcanoes, thermal springs and streams around Takht-e-Soleiman are worth surveying.

Bakhshi Castle, Orumieh-Iran

This castle is on a deformed conical shaped mountain near the coast of Lake Orumieh overlooking a green plain. To the east of the said mountain there is an inscription written in the Elamite script. In excavations made in this castle some earthenware, copper and metal vessels have been discovered. Some huge pots have also been discovered which were used at that time to bury the dead bodies in them.

Bardook Village Castle, Orumieh-Iran

This castle is 6 km. from the village of Bardook in the vicinity of Somay-e-Baradoost and has a defense rampart in three sections. The defense rampart is made of stone slabs with semi-circular columns. The entrance a square shaped doorway has been placed in the deperation of middle side of the castle. In the centeral portion of the castle the remnants of a few structures are visible. At the peak of the mountain the relic of a watch tower can also be noted.

Dom Dom Castle-Orumieh-Iran

This castle was constructed in the year 1018AH., on the Dom-Dom Mountain, 18 km. southwest of Orumieh. The castle stands at a great height and is composed of 5 sections

Esmail Aqa Castle, Orumieh-Iran

This castle was built in the second half of the 19 century. It is located on a mountain, 18 km. west of Orumieh, on fringes of Nazloo Chay river. This castle is related to the Qajar era. The remnants of this fort consists of a crypt of stone from the Orartoie period, with regular engravings, an entrance, porticos, a gateway with a stony framework and a chamber. Besides these evidences there are ramparts and tombs belong to Safavid period.

Takht-e-Soleiman Castle-Takab-Iran
Takht-e-Soleiman Castle-Takab-West-Azarbayjian-Iran
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