Capitals of the Persian Empire
trip length: 13 days
Tehran (2) Hamadan (1) Kermanshah (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Ancient and Islamic Iran
اtrip length: 11 days
Tehran (1) Shiraz (3) Yazd (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Highlights of Ancient Iran
اtrip length: 10 days
Tehran (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Capitals of the Persian Empire
trip length: 13 days
Tehran (2) Hamadan (1) Kermanshah (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Ancient and Islamic Iran
اtrip length: 11 days
Tehran (1) Shiraz (3) Yazd (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Highlights of Ancient Iran
trip length: 10 days
Tehran (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
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Provinces of Iran

Tehran Esfahan Fars West Azarbayjan

Kerman Iran

Geography and History of Kerman-Iran

Geographical Position, Kerman Province-Iran:The province of Kerman covers an area of 181,714 sq. km. and is located in the south east of Iran. The ... Climate, Kerman Province-Iran: The climate in the province varies in different regions depending on the relief of the land... History and Culture, Kerman Province -Iran: The history of human settlements in the territory of Kerman dates back to the 4th ...
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Townships of Kerman-Iran

Townships, Kerman-Iran: The township of Kerman is at a distance of 1,076 km. from Tehran, and lies in a vas ... Bardseer , Kerman-Iran: The township of Bardseer is located such that to its east are Bam and Kerman, to ... Baft , Kerman-Iran:The township of Baft is situated in the south of the province, and ... Bam , Kerman-Iran:The township of Bam is located to the east of the province, and .... Jiroft , Kerman-Iran and Kahnooj , Kerman-Iran and Rafsanjan , Kerman-Iran and Shahr-e-Babak , Kerman-Iran and Sirjan , Kerman-Iran and Zarand , Kerman-Iran ...
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Castles and Citadels Kerman Iran

Bam Citadel, Bam-kerman-Iran:To the north east of the Bam city, in the skirts of a gigantic rock is the foundations of a fortified castle... Samooran Castle, Jiroft-Kerman-Iran:This castle has been built of reddish marble and is located on an elevation, east to...
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Plains and Deserts Kerman Iran

Plains and Deserts,Kerman-Iran:The province of Kerman in respect to its relief and natural terrain, encompasses elevated plains and vast desert spaces.Some of these...
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Chehel Sotune Mosque:This mosque belongs to the Sheikhiyeh... Ganj Ali Khan Mosque:This structure is in the north eastern corner of... Kerman Jame' Mosque and Malek (Imam Khomeini) Mosque ...
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Travel-Accommodation-Kerman phone numbers:All the cities of this province are interconnected with each other by a ... Governmental Offices in Kerman: Tourism Office, Kerman: (0341) 228030 ... Travel Agents in Kerman: Kerman Zameen: (0341) 44421 ... Hotels in Kerman: Grand Guest House, Kerman: (0341) 45203-5 ... Restaurants In Kerman: Mehrabi: (0341) 50022 ...
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