Capitals of the Persian Empire
trip length: 13 days
Tehran (2) Hamadan (1) Kermanshah (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Ancient and Islamic Iran
اtrip length: 11 days
Tehran (1) Shiraz (3) Yazd (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Highlights of Ancient Iran
اtrip length: 10 days
Tehran (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Capitals of the Persian Empire
trip length: 13 days
Tehran (2) Hamadan (1) Kermanshah (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Ancient and Islamic Iran
اtrip length: 11 days
Tehran (1) Shiraz (3) Yazd (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
Highlights of Ancient Iran
trip length: 10 days
Tehran (1) Ahvaz (2) Shiraz (2) Isfahan (3) Tehran (1)
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Imamzadeh Abbas, Sary-Iran

The said structure with a pyramid shaped dome, and in regards to other architectural finishes has both artistic and historical value. There is a beautiful and ancient wooden chest on the tomb with the date 897 AH. engraved on it. Here three personalities have been laid to rest, named as Imamzadeh Abbas, Mohammad and Hassan. The external and internal parts of the structure reveal chalk and brick work, besides the inscriptions. The structure is 23 m. in height.

Imamzadeh Abdollah, Amol-Iran

The same is situated in the village of 'Osku Mahaleh', 12 km. southwest of Amol. The original structure was demolished in the year 1964, and a new one was erected. The sepulcher is of gold and silver, which is the work of artisans from the city of Esfahan. Other vestiges of the same are the tomb of Bibi Fatimeh and a type of remedial center. The Imamazadeh also provides facilities for pilgrims, in addition to a bazaar and other constructions around it.

Imamzadeh Ebrahim, Amol-Iran

The same is a four-sided brick structure with a pyramid like shaped dome. On the door and wooden chest there in, are carved inscriptions with the date 925 AH. The text of the said inscriptions are related to Abu Mohammad Ebrahim, the offspring of Imam Moosa Kazem (AS). Apart from the spectacular architectural techniques this structure displays, its wooden relics such as the chest and doors, adornments and inscriptions related to the Qajar period are interesting features. There is a written account of the arrival of Imamzadeh Ebrahim to Amol and his martyrdom here

Imamzadeh Qasem, Babol-Iran

This historical structure in the city of Babol dates back to the 9th century AH. Here, where the offspring of Imam Moosa Kazem AS has been laid to rest, is also known as Astaneh Mausoleum. The said structure has pyramid shaped dome adorned with brick work in the lower portion. In the structure are two ancient wooden chests, the main chest dating to 888 AH.

Imamzadeh Yahya, Sary-Iran

The brick tower of Imamzadeh Yahya is located in Sary, and has an ancient wooden chest and door. The inscription reveals the date of construction of the chest, being in the year 849 AH. According to records Imamzadeh Yahya is one of the offsprings of Imam Moosa Kazem (AS). The tower of the construction stands to the height of 20 m. circular in shape and with a pyramid like dome

Other Imamzadehs, Mazandaran-Iran

The other famous Imamzdehs of the province are, Aqa Shah Baluzadeh Mausoleum, 21 km. south east of Soldeh, in the village of Ahoo Dasht, Noor. The Imamzadeh Abdol Haq Mausoleum in Zirab, Savad Kooh. The Soltan Mohammad Taher Mausoleum, on the Babol - Kiakalla Road. Imamzadeh Taher and Motahar , in the village of Hezar Khal, Kujur-e-Noor. Chenar-e-Imamzadeh Yusuf Reza, in Razi Hospital of Qaem Shahr. The Mir Heydar ( Sar Seyed ) Mausoleum. The famous Atishkadeh tower in Amol, Imamzadeh Qasem, Seyrat Dome (Bandpeyie), Imamzdeh Issa Ebne Kazem (Kharmian), Shah Fakhruddin Mausoleum (Kalma), Shatir Gonbad Mausoleum, in Sary. The Dervish Fakhruddin Mausoleum in Babol and Imamzadeh Abdollah (Atrab) in Neka.

Imamzade- Abbas-Sary-Iran
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